June 4, 2010

Perfect Heart

Chase aced his cardiologist appointment today and never has to go back! We had an echo and an EKG done today in order to see whether his PFO (little hole in his heart) had closed by itself, and got good news -  His heart is just perfect! Praise God!

The incidence of congenital heart defects in children with Down syndrome is up to 50%. And not only was Chase born without a major heart defect, all his heart issues have resolved on their own without surgery.

  • Pulmonary Hypertension - resolved with oxygen at 7 days
  • Dysplastic (floppy) Valves - resolved on its own at 3 months
  • Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) - closed on its own by 14 months
Does anyone else see the amazing blessing of God's hand here?!!! Thanks to all for your many prayers! We can now cross the cardiologist off of our list of specialists!


  1. Yay! Way to go Chase! That's great news :)

  2. Praise God! You couldn't have said it any better. What a miracle! I'm so happy for you all to be able to scratch off a specialist and to have peace of mind as well.

  3. This is wonderful...praise God! I just love looking at pictures of Chase and I show them often to my husband. Chase looks like such a happy little boy and such an encouragement to me to find joy in all things!

  4. Praise the LORD for answered prayer. Love, Nana & Boo

  5. I love him so much! (& you too Mere-) :) Courtney Haughey