June 25, 2010

Reflux Better! And Other Praises!

Yesterday was a doctor day, and it's always good to have a doctor visit that gives you good news!

Chase's reflux has improved dramatically with the Nexium - he does not spit up every day anymore! This is huge! Although he may have some silent reflux (where milk comes back up his throat a bit), we are just going to keep on what we're doing with the Nexium and just do another Ph test down the road to see how bad that silent reflux might be after taking time to continue healing. So huge praise - we're no longer considering the fundoplication!

Another bit of good news - Chase has gained a whole pound in the past ten days! He had lost some weight - a pound and a half - which was worrying the doctors. But we have started feeding him peanut butter soy milk smoothies and PB sandwiches which has helped to up his calories and fill out his pot belly once again.

We had extra doctor visits this week because of a huge polka dot rash all over Chase's body, but that is slowly going away on its own. (thank goodness, as he looked pretty silly!)

Thanks for all the prayers - God keeps working in our lives and answering those prayers one by one. It's awesome to see. We can always use prayers for stamina, patience, and encouragment in our daily lives as the continuous therapy and exercises can be a little much at times. But Chase is doing great and he is so much fun!


  1. I see a lobster outfit from Maine! :) Sounds like yall are doing well in the ATL. Try to stay cool!

  2. So glad the reflux is better...we are battling the same issue with Emily. Some days she spits up all day long. She is currenty on zantac...we'll see. Glad Chase is getting better and gaining weight!

  3. Woohoo! on the Nexium! My grandson had to be put on it as well as an infant, now he will be 4 in November and he no longer needs it! Congrats on the weight gain too!

  4. Yeah that is great news. Happy that the reflux is gone and the weight is up. Yeah for no more reflux.

  5. Thanks for letting us to know how to pray more specifically for your family. We praise God with you for all the good news at these appointments.

  6. Is the Nexium a liquid that you give? We are on prevacid soltabs currently, but they just aren't doing enough. That and they are no longer covered as a preferred drug by our insurance!