June 20, 2010

Therapy Update

I haven't given an update on Chase's therapy lately, so I thought I'd post a little about what he's been up to lately.

Those who have seen Chase know that he is combat crawling, and we are happy he is exploring and moving around despite the fact that he is refusing to get up on all fours. (stubborn!) We've been busy strengthening his abs and core to encourage him to crawl, and forcing him up on all fours (quadruped position). Although we haven't given up on him crawling, we're teaching him to sidestep while standing up and holding on to the coffee table and couch. This cruising teaches him some of the fundamentals for walking but also works on his tummy muscles which will help with crawling too. He is getting stronger for sure!

One of the new things we're going to start in Prompt therapy is the "Straw Kit." (see picture) Now that Chase can drink from a regular straw, we need to challenge him to drink with longer straws and straws with loops. This works his mouth muscles which is helpful to increase muscle tone in his mouth for speech. (The straw kit is available from Talk Tools)

Chase is doing great and puts up with the therapy quite well. Scott and I tire out before he does most days! (Yes, the exercises are tedious and many days I need encouragement to keep on doing the same exercises with him again and again. But he does make it worth it, the sweet baby!)

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