June 3, 2010

Tummy Update

When we started Chase on Nexium, the doctor advised us to check in after a month to decide whether things have improved dramatically or if we should talk about having the fundoplication surgery. A month has passed and Chase's reflux has definitely improved. He has gone from spitting up many times throughout the day to only spitting up a tiny bit every other day. What is concerning though, is that he is having silent reflux, where the reflux comes up into his throat and sometimes into his mouth on a daily basis - so his throat is still being irritated.

We decided to continue with the Nexium for one more month, and then see where things stand. We obviously want to avoid surgery, but we don't want continued throat irritation to prevent Chase from developing speech. Hopefully by the time another month has passed, we will have a clear picture of what we need to do. Thank you for continuing to pray for improvement and wisdom!

Other medical updates:
  • Chase's tear ducts are doing better so we are tabling the eye procedure for now. If they get bad again, we'll go ahead and schedule the surgery, but we're happy with the improvement!
  • We should receive the results from the sleep study a week from today. (Next Thursday)
  • Cardiologist appointment tomorrow to see if his PFO has closed
  • Pediatrician on 6/8
  • ENT on 6/14 for a periodic hearing test and to talk about ear tubes.


  1. Oh boy do I feel you with the silent reflux! I'm glad that the Nexium is working better, but I wish it was doing everything! I will keep you posted on what our GI says too. We may be doing two meds at once. I want to avoid that surgery if at all possible since it's irreversible.

    Thanks for the update!!!!

  2. So glad things are getting better. We are also battling the spitting up...Emily spits up most of the day ever since she stopped breastfeeding, so we'll see that the doc says.

  3. I feel for you guys so much. I do have to say since we have been on the continuous pump he hasn't gagged or retched at all! Still not sure if I'm all the way for a fundo or not. Most say it is a night & day difference.

  4. Oh I hope the reflux goes away for you guys. We have it to and it sucks. Your post makes me chuckle a little as it so resembles mine with all of your appointment updates:).I do the weekly appointment update like that too. I am so there with ya. Hoping for all good news of course.