July 26, 2010

Amy Julia Becker - Grief, Love, Faith, Hope, Disability

Penelope Ayers: A MemoirAfter Chase was born and subsequently given a diagnosis of Down syndrome, his pediatrician offered me the blog address of a friend of hers who also had a child with Down syndrome. Craving the real and personal side of what Down syndrome really meant, I ate up her every post - trying to determine what life would really be like, when my grief would end, what my child might look like and go through. As silly as all that may seem, I needed a real window into our future and peeking into someone else's family experiences with Down syndrome seemed to put me at ease.

It turned out that the author of the blog, Amy Julia Becker, was more than a mom-blogger, but an actual author- one of the reasons her blog posts were so wonderful to read. She had a way with words and an ability to pick out the important concepts she wanted to convey and paint a story around those ideas. She now has a professional website where she has posted several articles on disability and faith.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet her and hear her read from her memoir entitled Penelope Ayers. Unexpectedly, she also read from her yet to be published book about her dauther Penny, who has Down syndrome. What a treat! Visit her new website by clicking HERE.

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