July 21, 2010

A Difficult Pregnancy - Ds Blog

This new blog about twins with Down syndrome is poignant for so many different reasons. It's amazing how true medical difficulties make a diagnosis of down syndrome so much less important. When babies are actually fighting for their life, how can we obsess about developmental delays?

I thought that 9 months of mild to moderate morning sickness comprised having a "difficult pregnancy." But a story like this (click here), where the mother bore her babies despite difficulties so extreme that they usually cause mothers to abort the pregnancy, puts mere morning sickness into perspective.

When Chase was born with Down syndrome, we found out that the chances of that happening had been .01% - next to zero. We felt like we should go out and play the lottery after beating those odds! But having twins who both have Down syndrome is even more of a rarity.

When you think about what this mother and her babies have gone through and the odds of them all surviving the experience, how can we not come to the conclusion that these babies were sent here for a reason - that their being born against such medical and statistical odds was not just chance, but a divine plan with a purpose?

It looks like there will be more articles or posts to come on this website - I look forward to reading more about this special family!

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