July 28, 2010

Government Healthcare

I spent the day on the phone with our insurance company. Our number of therapy visits is finally running out, and unfortunately half of our therapists do not accept medicaid. Neither does our pediatrician. I also found out today that medicaid does not cover Chase's reflux medicine. Hmmmm. So what does the government health care actually provide?

A new website is up and running to show what the new government healthcare plan entails. There is a full section dedicated to those with disabilities. It also gives a timeline for what steps will take place at what times. Whether we support the new plan or not, we might as well get to know how to navigate the system. Click here to check out the website or here to visit a summary of the new changes.

1 comment:

  1. You know, I have seen so much on the news lately in the way of interviews with people from other countries that HAVE govt. sponsored healthcare and they all say what a broken system it is. I can't imagine that the US will do it any better, so that really worries me for our future.

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