July 7, 2010

Orthopedist Update - Groan!

No, this is not a Chase post. This is actually my ridiculous injury .... it involves a squirrel, an unknowing runner, and a glass-half-full chance for me to learn patience (and don't we all love opportunities to learn patience!).

So - while running the week before Memorial Day (6 weeks ago), a squirrel pounced into my path and couldn't decide which way to move to avoid me .... so I tried my best to avoid him, and in the process slipped on a rock or a stick. Apparently I sprained my ankle (and ran three miles back to my house) and now - six week later - it is still mildly sprained.

I visited the orthopedist today, who gave me a steroid shot and told me I could wear a boot around the house to keep from continuing to turn it while getting up and down off the floor with the boys all day. He also recommended physical therapy twice a week until I started to laugh and explained how ridiculous that would be with my schedule. (ok, actually I almost cried when he said that, but we're being positive here) Instead, he's letting me do a home therapy program where I do my own exercises.

Hopefully one of these courses of action that we've embarked upon will do the trick. Until then, I'm lugging my boot around the house and laying by the pool! :)


  1. Oh NO.....I hope you're up and feeling better soon! Although, lounging poolside doesn't sound so bad:)

  2. Oh Mer, I hope you feel better soon!! Sending healing prayers your way!

  3. I hope your ankle heals soon. I'm sure it's not easy lugging that boot around while taking care of your kids and everything else.