July 12, 2010

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

For a second straight weekend, we headed up into the Smoky Mountains for cool weather fun - this time with our extended family. This was only the first or second time that most of the relatives had met Chase, and he sure did put on a show!

Luckily, we spent the night in a hotel (thank goodness!) and there were no tents involved. But we were obligated to hike at least one more tallest mountain - this time it was Sasafrass Mountain, the tallest in South Carolina. For anyone wondering how there could be mountains in S.C., you're on the right path. There are hardly any mountains in that state, and Sasafrass Mountain was not one of the most impressive. We did it anyway - driving almost to the top, having a quick picnic and walking the very last bit on a worn asphalt trail.

So far, Trent and Chase have "hiked" the tallest mountains in Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina. Not a bad accomplishment for a sixteen month old and a four year old!


  1. You are well on your way to being a Peak Grabber!

  2. That's a wonderful photo of the boys!

  3. nice photos.. the boys are adorable..
    i hope u can visit my blog too.. see u!