July 22, 2010

Therapy Changes

We are changing up the way therapy is run for Chase this month.

First, we are quitting Babies Can't Wait, Georgia's early intervention program. They have decided to change to a Primary Specialist Provider (PSP) system where each child only has one therapist. It might be a speech therapist, but that person would do physical therapy exercises if needed, and a physical therapist may have to do speech exercises. As you can imagine, this is not an effective (or rational...) way to do therapy. So we will now be doing therapy privately, using our insurance and medicaid.

Unfortunately, our speech therapist is leaving private therapy work to go back to the school system. We were not given any notice, and suddenly Mrs. Liz is no longer part of our life. It is sad that she is leaving, as she was with Chase on a weekly basis for 9 months. She also let Trent play with her toys each time she came to our house, so he will miss her too!

At least our other therapists will stay the same - it's amazing how much they become part of our lives!

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