August 30, 2010

DSAA Down Syndrome Awareness Night at Turner Field

The Down Syndrome Association of Atlanta took to Turner Field on Saturday for Down Syndrome Awareness Night. It was a neat atmosphere to be able to see so many kids with Down syndrome in one place, and even more special to get to know some of the amazing people with Down syndrome and hear their stories as we watched the Braves play the Marlins.

We happened to sit behind a man with Down syndrome - 44 years old - who was the 2009 Buddy of the Year, largely due to his musical accomplishments. He played the marimba and had won the Itzhak Perlman music award and met Itzhak Perlman himself! (Yes, I was jealous!)

One man with whom Scott sold 50/50 raffle tickets had Down syndrome and rode the MARTA each day to a medical center where he helped out while inadvertently educating and inspiring the doctors in regards to Down syndrome. The guy was thrilled to meet Chase and asked if he could hold him. Seeing this successful adult with DS thrilled to pieces to hold my son was such an amazing thing. He held Chase tight and played with him - letting Chase try to grab his glasses and amusing him with funny faces and kisses. It was adorable. While he played with Chase, I spoke with his mom and learned about his success stories. It meant a lot to have the chance to get to know such an amazing adult (who happened to have DS just like my baby), and to be so inspired by this fantastic young man!

Another perk of the DSAA event was that we all got to walk in a parade on Turner Field where the baseball players play! We got sneak peaks into the bullpens, saw the players up close, and watched the crew get the field ready for play. Very special! What amazing opportunities we have because of sweet Chase!!


  1. Oh, I wish we could have been there! I wis I could have met Chase in person too!

  2. What a sweet & inspiring story! Thanks so much for sharing.