August 30, 2010

ENT Visit - Hearing and Tubes

Chase had a fabulous visit with the ENT today! We had been discussing the need for tubes with his other doctors and specialists for the past four months and thought it was a foregone conclusion. However, Chase aced his hearing tests today - his hearing was perfect and there was no fluid! Because his ears were in great shape, and because of his miniscule ear canals, we're going to opt for monthly audiologist visits to make sure there is no fluid or hearing problems. If Chase develops chronic congestion (like he did at the begining of this past spring), we may re-evaluate this decision. But in the meantime, he's good to go!

Chase's throat and tonsils were swollen and irritated, so we are asking our GI doctor to do a prior authorization for a medicaid approved PPI (proton pump inhibitor like Nexium). We had been off of reflux meds for three weeks, but it looks like he is having issues. Although we would love not to need the medicine (which delays his breakfast an hour), it is nice to have a clear answer from a specialist as to whether or not we should insist on a new script.

Praise to God for a good visit today! And how wonderful that medicaid will cover monthly audiologist visits! We went into the summer expecting at least three surgeries, and managed to come through with only one minor procedure necessary! God is good :)


  1. Yay for great ears! That's smart to do a monthly check with the audiologist. What test was administered? Just curious. Matthew always flatlines his tympanograms but he aced his ABR recently.
    That's a bummer with the reflux meds though.

  2. Great news on Chasey's ears!! Yay!! But it looks like he has that Chapman hiss!! Will keep all of you in our prayers. love, Nana and Boo

  3. Awesome! We are still struggling with reflux here as well...we are now going to try prilosec...hope it works!