August 20, 2010

New Words (Signing!)

Chase's signing has taken off lately and it is so amazing to see him attempting new signs and learning so quickly. One night last week while rocking and singing him to sleep, I decided to take a break from singing for a minute ... and Chase turned to look at me and signed "music" to tell me to start singing again! It was so neat that he could express that he liked my singing! Here's an update on his words and signs:

Spoken Words: Mama, Dada, mahmahmah (more/milk), nana (banana), vrooom, moooo, duck, honk

Signs: more, milk, music, eat, mommy, daddy, book, car, bath, up, hat, kiss, sleepy, hello/byebye, itsy bitsy spider, shoes, dog

He also knows the parts of his body - hands, feet, head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, tummy - and can point to them on request, always honking his nose instead of simply pointing to it!

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