August 21, 2010

Young Adults with Special Needs to Stay on Family Health Insurance Plans

Many families with young adult children with special needs encounter the problem of needing private health insurance coverage for their adult children - As of Oct. 2010, those families will be able to keep young adults with special needs on their family health insurance plan until the child reaches 26. 

Since young adults with special needs often do not have jobs which provide private health insurance, this has been a tough situation for families. Although some private insurance plans allow children with disabilities to stay on family plans after reaching adulthood, this is not always the case - the federal health insurance law now mandates insurance companies to continue coverage until the adult child is 26. (This does not apply to state-sponsored or ERISA plans). 

Although most of the health care bill provisions do not take effect until several years down the road, this particular provision will come into effect in just a month and a half and will alleviate some of the strain on the current Medicaid system.

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  1. Thanks Meredith for always keeping us up to date with this kind of info!