September 30, 2010

Cowboy Day

Apparently a mom only has to don a pair of Uggs to be deemed a cowgirl by a four year old, but to dress a little boy as a real cowboy takes a bit more thought than I was expecting. Today was Country Western Day at Trent's school - a Christian school's attempt (I think) at allowing the kids to dress up in the weeks leading up to Halloween without having to address the issue of ghosts, goblins, and witches. Without going out and buying an actual cowboy costume, I had to try hard to satisfy my son's belief that he had an authentic costume.

Because I had not done any back to school shopping, I allowed myself to hit Carter's for cowboyish clothes that could be worn a million times after this dress-up day. And armed with a 25% off coupon, I didn't feel too guilty. After all, I had realized that my preppy four year old had never before owned a pair of jeans....only khaki's! So we bought him both jeans and a plaid collared shirt which he can wear on any normal day well into the future. It proved much more difficult than I expected to fashion a lasso out of string, and our garage lacked any rope. But a cloth napkin made for a decent kerchief and Trent rode around on his horse all morning until school-time.

On the way to school we practiced saying "Howdy" and he carried his "knapsack" instead of his backpack. We picked out all the cowboy songs off of his regular kids CD - "Oh Susannah", "She'll be Coming Round the Mountain" and "Home on the Range".

Really, I have no idea what Trent's concept of a cowboy is after all of this hoopla this morning, but he looks great and I know he's excited about this special day at school!


  1. That's one mighty CUTE cowboy you have there, partner!! lol I hope he has a fun day=)

  2. Nana hopes he has a terrific day at school in his cool cowboy get 'em up outfit!! xxxooo