September 30, 2010

A Story of Love, Disablity and the Lessons of Grace

I am so thrilled about the release of Greg Lucas' new book - Wrestling With an Angel - his insights are of the kind that leave you speechless with the beauty of his writing and his faith. If you haven't checked out his blog, it is a must read. And I am sure that his book will be the same. Amazon describes the book as:

Wrestling with an Angel: A Story of Love, Disablity and the Lessons of Grace"an account of life as a husband, a police officer, and Jake's dad. Jake Lucas, the first of four children, lives with severe physical and mental challenges. Caring for him each day is an ordeal few of us can imagine, and this story of Jake's first 17 years is not one you will soon forget. But the remarkable thing is how the whole narrative is saturated with wonder at the grace and goodness of God, who brings hope and promise through his Son into the darkest of circumstances. In this book, we see that Jake's problems are our problems, only bigger, and the challenges of caring for him carry profound lessons about God's care for us. Wrestling with an Angel is about tragedy and laughter and pain and joy. It is about faith and grace and endurance and God's unfailing, loving wisdom daily being worked out in each of our lives, whatever the nature or extent of our difficulties. Here is a book that may explain faith to you in ways you never quite grasped, through a life few of us can relate to. When it is all done, we come away better able to live as Christ calls us to live."
Although the book is not supposed to be released until Nov 1st, it seems to be available online by clicking HERE. You can also read the first chapter of his book for free at that same link.

This book has been supported by so many fantastic organizations and churches - The Gospel Coalition, Desiring God, and Works of God Disability Ministry. Their recommendation is quite impressive in my eyes. Check out the book and let me know what you think as well.

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