October 14, 2010

Crawling - 3 or 4 Ways!

Chase has been mobile for quite some time and is a master army crawler. He goes from room to room, following us when we leave his sight or simply looking for interesting toys hidden in different cabinets.

But after a whole year of working on crawling, Chase has mastered the up on all fours quadruped crawling position! (Yea!) He usually takes a couple "steps" crawling on all fours, then switches to a tripod crawl with one knee and one foot, and then to a bear crawl with his feet and hands on the floor and his rear end high up towards the sky.

He's learned all kinds of ways to crawl, but the important thing is that he's getting weight on those hands while moving around. When he combat crawls, there is no weight on his hands and he misses the chance to build strength in his wrists and hands - that weakness would lead to poor handwriting and difficulties with other fine motor skills. So crawling really is important, and Chase has achieved a huge milestone.

In addition to crawling, Chase is climbing, pulling up, and cruising some. He looks like a totally different baby when he is upright! He has tons of fun crawling over the couch cushions, up and down off the couch, and cruising/climbing on the low parts of the playground equipment. Life is so much more fun when you can get where you want to go!


  1. Oh, my goodness! I am thanking the LORD for working in our precious grandson's life. Go Chasey!!! This is a HUGE milestone. And mom and dad are doing a great job on encouraging him in his progress to kudos to all of you. love, Nana

  2. That's awesome!! Sounds like he's really making some progress!!

    Still waiting for Bennett to get up on all 4's! Slow and steady progress I guess.

  3. That is SUCH great news! You all always have a special place in my prayers and I am so happy for Chase's progress!