October 15, 2010

Expressing Feelings with Signing

Chase has really impressed me with his signing. He has a collection of 30-40 signs that he uses appropriately and without my prompting. He even puts two (and occasionally three) signs together such as "more-eat-please". Although he only has 4-5 verbal words (he's getting closer to building more), it is so neat that he can really communicate with us.

What I think is really exciting is the fact that he will tell me when he is sleepy ("sleepy-nightnight"...then fall to the floor and pretend to sleep) and even mad or frustrated. He may be delayed in some areas, but what 19 month old baby can tell his mom that he is mad?

Kids with Down syndrome tend to have great visual memories. There really are some advantages or gifts that come along with DS - not just delays. I'm proud of my little boy - he can do so much and it's kinda fun to see him shock strangers by signing and telling me what he wants in front of them. No expectations being placed on this little guy!


  1. I agree..... waiting on our new signing time videos to arrive. :) You are so blessed to have been able to start so early with him.

  2. just found your blog very cool to read about Chase. Owen is big on signing must have a good visual memory too, thanks for sharing

  3. So proud of Chasey! He continues to amaze us all. Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow! xxxooo love, Nana