October 7, 2010

'I Don't Call it a Condition, I Call it Living'

Yesterday, Chase said his brother's name (Trent) for the first time. It came out sounding more like "ent", but it was clear that he was referring to his brother and blurting out his name intentionally. Trent was so excited and said, "Chase, you can do everything! You can do everything you want!"

I like Jaime Foxx's quote about not seeing his sister as having a "condition". Likewise, those with Down syndrome do not "suffer" from a condition. They just merely are who they are, and live and enjoy life like the rest of us.

The only thing stopping those with Down syndrome from doing everything is the prejudices and obstacles that the rest of us put in their way due to our assumptions, pride and lack of compassion. Instead, we need to get out of the way and work to open doors for others, for the world is an oyster for those with Down syndrome!

Click Here for a neat article and video by ET of Jamie Foxx describing caring for his sister with Down syndrome.

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  1. Meredith,

    Very exciting, not just Chase's articulation of Trent's name, but the gift of his big brother's encouragement and belief in him!

    Way to go both of them!