October 9, 2010

Unofficial Milestone: Riding a Horse!

When I saw that there were pony rides at the fall festival at Trent's school today, I was thrilled for the chance for both boys to have a turn. Trent has always been nervous about riding ponies and quickly let us know he'd rather play with his friend, "L". So I was left with Chase, wondering how old a child needed to be to ask for a turn on the pony without seeming ridiculous. Chase can sit up just fine, but would he stay put in the saddle? Would he fall off? Would he get scared? Would the animal workers think I was crazy for asking if my baby with Down syndrome could ride the pony?

I stood in line while holding Chase and waited for our turn. No one gave us a funny looked or commented on how young he was. The pony lady didn't hesitate to put him on a horse and I had the chance (just like all the parents) to walk alongside him to make sure there were no problems. I simply put Chase's hands on the saddle (just like he would on a steering wheel), and he understood to hang on. When the pony started walking quickly, Chase did great with my hands steadying him and reassuring him. After a minute, he really started to enjoy it and began to say "moo!" (All animals either pant like a dog, say moo like a cow, or quack like a duck - there are only three categories for him.)

I was SO proud. My little boy was the youngest child in line to ride the pony, and he enjoyed it!! Not only that, but when Trent saw that his brother was going to ride the pony, he decided he was brave enough to do it too! So Trent also got to ride a pony - just because his brother had given him that extra courage.

Yes - I was a very proud mama today - proud of both my boys! :)


  1. Aww, way to go Chase! And way to go on giving your older brother the courage to do something he was a little afraid of!

  2. Awesome...got a lil John Wayne on your hands now. Can't wait to see you guys next weekend.

  3. That is so great! I am so happy that both of your boys were able to ride the pony!!!!

  4. Go Chase...it's awesome when the younger one gets to teach the older one something!

  5. I am not only proud of both of your boys but I am proud of you too! So glad your boys got to try something new :)