November 6, 2010

Inclusivness goes past one month of awareness - Daily Skiff

Inclusivness goes past one month of awareness - Daily Skiff

Here's a quick excerpt:

Freshman Nick Standerfer loves movies, works out at the University Recreation Center regularly and enjoys making friends. Though Standerfer has Down syndrome, he said he is more similar to other students than some may think.

The freshman movement science major from Arizona said he lives in a residence hall with a roommate like any other freshman student.

"I'm a great person because I make friends and everyone loves me," Standerfer said.

Outside of his studies, Standerfer also works on the sidelines at home football games. He said he loves sports, so helping out at the games seemed a natural fit for him.

"It's fun, I actually work a lot. I get exhausted," he said.

Freshman Justin Duke, Standerfer's roommate, said he did not view the latter's condition as a big deal, but that people needed to be more aware of those living with Down syndrome.

"It shouldn't need to be something that we need to…really focus on because it's not that big of a deal," Duke said. "Nick's doing just fine."

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