November 20, 2010

Julie Tennant - The Love Chromosome

I LOVE this girl's perspective - her attitude on life and having Down syndrome is incredible. She calls her extra chromosome the "love chromosome" - those who don't have it are missing is actually her who is whole. Her tag line is that she loves her life - and it is so obvious that she truly does. So very inspiring!

Check out her website at


  1. there is a reason why special needs children are called "special" I have an autistic child and I have discovered that we can learn so much from them

  2. You are a very smart Julie God loved you so much He made you very Special.He gave you a beautiful face and a lovely smile.And most of all he gave you a pure heart full of happiness and love for life. You are a blessing to your family and every one who life you touch,I know be cause you blessed me with you wonderful story. Thank you and God Bless you wonderful child of God.