November 15, 2010

Survey - Sibling with Down Syndrome

Do you have a sibling with Down syndrome? You are invited to participate in a survey evaluating the effects on siblings from living with a brother or sister with Down syndrome. Siblings, ages 7 and older, of individuals diagnosed with Down syndrome and their parents are eligible to fill out a survey. We are conducting research to investigate how living with a sibling with Down syndrome positively and negatively influences the following:

    -    The sibling's personality

    -    The sibling's relationship with his or her sibling with Down

    -    The sibling's relationships with his or her parents

Parents are also invited to take the survey. Parents' responses will be
compared to siblings' responses in order to examine how closely related
parents' and siblings' perceptions are regarding the positive and negative
impacts on the sibling from living with a brother or sister with Down

The following surveys are available on the internet:

*Sibling Survey, siblings under 18 years of age *

*Sibling Survey, siblings ages 18 and older *

*Parent Survey *

By choosing to participate in this survey you will help researchers to
better understand both the rewards and challenges that families experience
as a result of having a child with Down syndrome. This research will also
assist parents towards gaining insight into their well-child's experiences
and feelings. Participants can register to be eligible for one of two $50
gift cards to .

You may contact the researchers directly if you would prefer a paper version. For
additional information or to request a paper version of the survey, please
contact Dr. Sarah Elsea at , or contact genetic counseling
graduate student Lauren Bierema at or . You
may also reach us at (804) 828-9632, ext. 123.

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