December 31, 2010

"Cadet detachment bids fond farewell to star pupil"

Here's an excerpt by GARETH BUTTERFIELD of the Ashbourne News Telegraph
"THE mother of an Ashbourne cadet has praised the Ashbourne detachment of the Army Cadet Force for the welcome it gave her son, who has Down’s Syndrome.
Ashbourne Cadet, Jason Morris
Ashbourne Cadet, Jason Morris
Jason Morris recently reached the age where he had to be discharged from the force, 18 years nine months, but with help from his colleagues and friends has achieved great things during his time with the cadets. He has been to annual camp, weekend camps, completed assault courses, mastered rifle shooting, orienteering, safety in using weapons, cooking in the field and many other activities.
His detachment commander Charles Crump called Jason an “exceptional cadet” and explained that Ashbourne was the first detachment in the country to welcome a Down’s Syndrome cadet.
He said: “Jason has been a pleasure to teach and a pleasure to have around and he’s brought a lot to the force.
“We’ve actually learned a lot from him and through using different ways to teach him it hasn’t just helped him it’s helped the other cadets as well. To me he’s a star cadet.” Jason, who attends derwent College, a residential college for moderate special needs, Shropshire, has been on Remembrance Day Parade and has helped at Sainsbury’s, bag packing for Cadet funds." more by clicking HERE

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