December 6, 2010

Hope for Ian - Reece's Rainbow

Gretchen and her family are trying to adopt Ian - a little boy with Down syndrome from Russia - and need to raise $5600 more at this point. An Atlanta family, they have done some fundraising at one of our local Down syndrome association events and we were able to speak with them a bit.

If Ian is not adopted before his 5th birthday in less than 150 days from now, he will be institutionalized at an insane asylum for adults. Most children with Down Syndrome who meet this fate, die within 18 months of transfer from starvation and other unspeakable things.

It just tugs at my heart that such a sweet couple is ready and willing to adopt this little boy with DS from another country ... and yet they can't take the child for their own without raising the proper funds. Although the total cost for international adoption is $35,000.00, they have raised or contributed all but the remaining $5,600.  

If you are led to do so, please make a tax deductible donation to their adoption fund by clicking HERE. More information about Ian is available at his website and Reece's Rainbow has even more info about the process and the plight of other kids in Ian's shoes.

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