December 11, 2010

Hearing Update

The long awaited appointment with the ENT was yesterday and surprisingly uneventful. We were to have Chase's ears tested for fluid and hearing with the audiologist after he had failed the tests in one ear last month. If there was still fluid, which causes problems with hearing, we would seriously be considering ear tubs. But if we can avoid tubes with Chase, that would be good since his ear canals are so tiny and curvy and tubes would be hard to place correctly and keep in.

The ENT had to use the microscope to see the inside of Chase's ears - they're that tiny. This time, the doctor suggested papoosing Chase - putting him on a board and wrapping him up in velcro so that he couldn't move. It was so hard to see Chase like that, but the alternative - holding Chase down with my own arms and risking a burst eardrum - isn't any better. The good news was that the doctor saw little to no fluid - a great sign that fluid is not staying around and impeding his hearing.

Since that last appointment at the end of October, we have tried amoxicilan (which didn't work) and cefdinir (which he is still currently on but which seems to be helping his congestion). Because he's still on the 2nd antibiotic, the ENT did not want to try the audiology tests. So we're going to go back in yet another month to hear the final verdict as to whether Chase is continuing to have trouble with fluid and his hearing.

In the meantime, we're going to keep praying that things continue to improve, and we're going to finish the round of cefdinir. Thanks for keeping Chase in your prayers!


  1. OMW! He is so adorable! And growing so fast. I love this picture!

  2. He is such a darling. I WILL include the little one in my prayers. Hang in there, Chase! Everything will be alright.