December 7, 2010

HIPP Program - Celebrate!

We were approved for HIPP yesterday - the program that reimburses families for a portion of the health insurance payments they make when cost effective for the program to do so. This makes a huge difference, especially when families are paying out of pocket for some of the child's therapy.

HIPP is for families who:

  • Have at least one person who gets Medicaid
  • Can get private insurance through a family member’s work.
The HIPP Program is advantageous to the Department of Medical Assistance (DMA) and to the taxpayer because it enables the Medicaid agency to shift some of the costs of care to liable third parties. Providers of medical care benefit from the HIPP program because insurance payments for the cost of care are usually more than what Medicaid would pay.

If you are in Georgia and have a child with a disability, look into this program. You must have the Katie Beckett / Deeming Waiver first, but once you have that waiver it is only a one page application to apply for HIPP.

Georgia and Texas both have this program, other states may offer it too. For more info on the Georgia HIPP program, click HERE.


  1. Wonderful news! Love, Nana

  2. Hi Meredith! I have been sporadically following your blog since my pregnancy with Jacob. I was looking for encouragement and searched for Christian Mom and Down Syndrome and your blog was "found". He was one year old on November 13th and brings such joy and delight to our family!! Thank you for your blog -- I really enjoy it!! I have a question about fish oil. What brand of fish oil do you give to Chase and what "dose"? Thank you in advance for your answer! Anna (Jacob's Mommy)