December 10, 2010

Milestones: First ER Trip

This past week was another milestone for our family - first trip to the ER. Although it wasn't my favorite experience, I do feel good that we got through over four years without ever having to take either boy into the ER before. Everyone keeps asking for the details, so here goes ......

I wish there was a fantastic story, but Trent just slipped off the couch while crawling around on it and face planted into the edge of the coffee table - He came away with a deep inch long cut in his forehead. Lots and lots of blood - my mom was here with me so she sat in the back seat on the way to the ER and compressed the wound. We walked through the doors of the hospital with his face and shirt covered in blood - you can imagine the stares he was getting!

They put numbing cream on it (no shots) and we later force fed him versed and loratab ... By the time they were stitching him up we were all joking and he was giggly! Six stitches, and we didn't even have to hold him still. Thank goodness for the silly juice!

Not fun, but Trent's not bothered a bit by it now. He doesn't ever say  it hurts except for when we're putting on shirts over his head or taking them off. We also have to give him baths with a makeshift shower cap on his head (actually a Target bag tied like a bandana) so he doesn't get the dissolvable stitches wet.

No, life is never boring with two boys :)


  1. I'm so glad everything's all right. Give Trent a hug for us and tell him we're proud of his bravery at the ER.
    Love, Graces

  2. Oh, I hope this won't be the first of many. Ethan has already had us in the ER a few times and one ambulance ride due to a head injury! I hope our next boy is a little more cautious!

  3. Boys are great! Actually, I think that's a really, really low rate of ER visits. We were there much more often!