January 27, 2011

Georgia Ranks Last in Developmental Disability Funds

There was an article in the AJC this morning discussing how Georgia ranks absolute last among the states regarding developmental disability funds. With more than 90,000 individuals living with developmental disabilities in this state alone, this issue affects many people and many families.

The article states that a settlement is in the works with U.S. Department of Justice to create jobs for those with disabilities and to prevent the delegation of those adults with developmental disabilities to institutions but rather integrate them into society.

The author of the article stresses the importance of supporting those with developmental disabilities, saying:

"Disability is a natural part of the human condition. The settlement requires us to engage individuals with disabilities as productive contributors in their communities. Our families and communities are better when everyone contributes. Individuals with disability are an important part of the fabric of our state. We all benefit when they play an active role."

The entire article can be read here: Georgia doesn’t have to be last in developmental disability funds | ajc.com

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