January 26, 2011

Loving the Brother

Trent's school had conferences yesterday ... one-on-one conversations between the parents and teacher about how our kids are doing in the class. We talked about what they've been learning and what they need to work on. Trent had a great conference, but what I particulary enjoyed hearing about had nothing to do with preschool "academics" ...

The teacher said that Trent loves to talk about his brother at school. She said that many of the kids have no interest in answering questions such as "How is your little sister doing?" or "What has your brother been up to?" But Trent is always happy to be asked about Chase and loves talking about him in class and to his teacher.

It's so amazing to watch the bond that they've been forming. Why did I ever doubt whether they would be great playmates? Having Down syndrome is just not an issue. Despite the typical stealing toys and periodic refusals to share, they really love to show how much they love each other! Makes me unbelievably happy!


  1. Thank you for this post! Since I am still pregnant with our baby girl with DS, I have wondered how my boys will take to her and bond. I know they already love her because they want to constantly talk,hug and kiss my belly but a Mommy always worries.

  2. and that is my girls as well! Always ready to blabber on about their brother....

  3. I love hearing that! Trent is a special big brother, but I think his parents deserve some of the credit too!

  4. I agree Sweet Pea's Mommy- wonderful parenting!!