January 13, 2011

Snow Day #4 - Heat Challenge!

The snow started Sunday night and accumulated faster than anything I'd seen. Monday was the perfect snow day - tons of sledding, the neighbors out in full force, alternating snow play and hot chocolate, and ending with a get together at the house next door. Absolutely perfect.

Tuesday and Wednesday were admittedly MUCH slower - kids running up the walls, their Dad back at work, and roads covered with sheets of ice without any snow plows or salt. Apparently Atlanta has just 5 snow plows for its more than 4Million residents. Now, Thursday, schools are still cancelled and businesses are still not opened.

We ran out of diapers on Tuesday and halfway through my walk to Publix I was told that the store had closed at 4pm. Thankfully the nearby gas station had diapers in one size - Chase's size! Less successful was our ability to get to Chase's ENT appointment on Wednesday - the practice called us to reschedule as they were not attempting to open at all.

The cancellation with the ENT was particularly disappointing. Chase has had runny nose, congestion, and on and off fever and cough for almost four months. Three attempts at antibiotics and nasal steroids have only given a couple days reprieve from symptoms. I am ready for a real solution! Jan 20th will be the new ENT appointment and I can't wait for the new hearing test and renewed suggestions as to how to fix this issue.

The only real problem we've had from the snow and ice came last night at 3am. Because real problems only happen at the most inopportune times like the middle of the night, right? Our home has one heater for the main part of the house and a separate heater for the master bedroom. Can you guess what happened? Our bedroom's heater went out at 3am! Luckily it was just the battery to the heating unit, but it took us going through every pair of AA batteries and lots of fiddling with the controls to finally get heat back. Thank goodness it finally worked!

It reminded me of life in Philly where, in addition to winter weather perpetually in the single digits and snow plows that actually plowed your car into a mound of snow by the curb, we would go to bed bundled up in layer after layer just to stay moderately warm. Apparently our heater only worked at half power, and we never realized it until it was fixed a year into our stay and we finally learned what indoor heat should have felt like all along.

Praises today that no one is forced to travel icy roads to get bored kids to school, that we do have heat and a warm house, that although we are out of bread and milk I will finally be able to trek to the grocery store, and that we are encouraged to reignite our inner creativity to find new and exciting things to do while inside all day. There is no guilt in spending half the day in pajamas on a snow day, and no guilt in ordering Papa John's for dinner on days like this! Four days cooped up with two little ones, but so much to be thankful for!

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