January 13, 2011

Triumph: The Supermarket

We made it to Publix this morning, which thankfully sits only a quarter mile from our home. Our little sidestreet was mostly ice but once we got into the supermarket parking lot, it was dry and sunny - like re-entering civilization again!

Scott had walked to Publix Monday night and found the shelves to be quite bare. Today was apparently better but it was still interesting to see so many empty spaces on the shelves.

They had plenty of special arts and crafts supplies which we perused before selecting a Toy Story marker kit - I think this might tide us over for another day or two of sanity.

We stocked up on the Energizer Lithium batteries which seem to be the only type of batteries that will power our thermostat and our TV remote control - both essential items.

Our emergency stash of fifty or so AA batteries did not do us any good last night when the thermostat went out - the only way we got our heat to work again was by borrowing the special batteries from the remote control. Now we know what kind to stock up on. Oh the wisdom we have gained from this snow/ice storm.


  1. I hope you are staying warm. Glad you could make it out today, if you are like us, you were probably going stir crazy!