February 3, 2011

Basketball Player with DS - More Than Just Part of Team

"Part of team -- Jonni Martinez brings many cheers to Ben Lomond High School" in the  Standard-Examiner describes how a high school student with Down Syndrome naturally belongs to the basketball team. She grew up playing with the girls and seems to be quite talented - playing in many games and scoring goals. There was never a question as to whether she would or should be able to join the team. I love how she is not only successfully integrated into this team, but how everyone cheers her on and wants to see her play. 

"She is special, but she is also just a part of our team and that is the cool part. For these girls, she is just Jonni," [the coach] said as he watched the girls high-five each other after a great shot.

Read the whole article by clicking HERE.

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