February 15, 2011

Feds Put Virginia On Notice Over Disability Violations

I found myself recently reading about Virginia's Medicaid Waiver program and was surprised to see that there was a long waiting list for residents trying to obtain those waivers. Apparently I wasn't the only one to be disappointed in how that system was working, as a Justice Department investigation recently found that Virginia is violating the rights of residents with disabilities because of those waiting lists among other violations.

Ultimately, the issue in Virginia is that the state's policies make it hard people with disabilities from moving into the community. This is a huge discrimination problem, although one that passes many without notice.

Thank goodness that someone brought this problem to light - I look forward to seeing whether there is change in the future regarding this waiver program among the other issues.

If you live in Virginia and have had a different experience than that described in this article, please leave a comment and let us know! 

Click HERE to read the article.

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  1. That's odd. There is more than one medicaid waiver for VA. My daughter was on one right away after we applied for it when she was just four months old. The particular waiver she was on was specifically geared toward preventing institutional settings. There are other "better" ones that you have to wait for, but meanwhile they have some great options for now. Much better than NC where we are now.