February 4, 2011

Raise IQ of those with DS by 15 Points

plus15 is the campaign to improve learning, memory, and speech for people with Down Syndrome by 15%. plus15 will make it possible for people with Down syndrome to live more independent lives —
with more opportunities than ever before.

The life expectancy of an individual who has Down syndrome has more than doubled over the past two decades. Unfortunately, their cognitive abilities haven’t improved at a similar pace. It is imperative to make it possible for people with Down syndrome to not only live longer lives, but to live more independent lives.

plus15: Increase Learning and Independence from DSRTF.org on Vimeo.

The plus15 campaign funds research at major research centers, including Johns Hopkins Medical Center, Stanford University, University of San Diego, and University of Arizona, into how to improve the memory, learning, and speech of people with Down syndrome by 15 percent. Research scientists working on these improvements tell us they are within reach.

plus15 is a campaign of the Down Syndrome Research and Treatment Foundation (www.dsrtf.org), which is dedicated to increasing learning and independence for individuals with Down syndrome. Check out their website at www.plus15.org

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