February 11, 2011

Surgery Decision

It's finally confirmed - Chase is heading for surgery. We've been waiting a long time to figure out whether he'd need something done, and if so, what it would be. So for all of you who have been waiting and praying along with us - here is the scoop!

Chase will be having the following procedures all at once, at some point within the next thirty days (we are still waiting for the two doctors' offices to find a date that works for everyone):
  • Bilateral Myringotomy - the ENT will make a small incision in each of Chase's eardrums to drain the fluid which has been hanging around forever and causing ear infection after ear infection.

  • Ear Tubes - the ENT will then attempt to place the tiniest set of ear tubes into each of Chase's super tiny and curvy ear canals. There is question as to whether the tubes will fit - if they do not fit, we will abort mission and just continue to monitor the situation.
  • Adenoidectomy - the ENT will use a microscope to check out Chase's adenoids (he cannot do this without him being under anesthesia) and may decide to remove part/all of the adenoids. This would provide more room for air circulation so that congestion does not build up and hang out for extended periods of time in his tiny passageways.
  • Tear Duct Dilation - The ophthalmologist will insert a tube or balloon into Chase's tear ducts to enlarge the tubes that go from the eye into the nose. This will allow the tear ducts to drain fluid as they are supposed to. Chase's tear ducts have been clogged for a long time, and dilating them is necessary so that they don't become repeatedly clogged, causing infection and scarring.
All this was finally decided today after finding that there was still fluid in both the ears, as well as another round of bilateral ear infections. Yes, this is the second set of bilateral ear infections this month, and we are on our sixth round of antibiotics in the past five months. We are switching the type of antibiotics each time to prevent Chase from becoming accustomed to the medicine. Poor guy must be in a lot of pain from these infections!

Good news is that we saw the GI doctor yesterday and despite Chase still having prolonged reflux issues, we can just stay on the medicine with no adverse effects and no additional procedures or treatment needed. We simply keep with the meds and follow up in one year. 

We'll keep you posted as to a surgery date - it all depends of coordinating the doctors' schedules. He'll have the surgery at CHOA in the main hospital. Thanks for all the prayers!


  1. good new from the gastro then. I hope the ENTs advice works well. (thank you for the comment on my blog)

  2. As always, you are all in my prayers!

  3. I am glad you guys were able to make a decision and are moving forward. We will be praying for you and your little guy!

  4. Good luck. We will be thinking of you!

  5. I hope all goes well and they are able to get the tubes in his ears. We had the same surgery and also the eye surgery as well and both went really smoothly for Emily and I am sure Chase will do very well too :-)

  6. good luck guys! hope to see yall soon.

  7. Praying for you four! Mary had to have the tear duct thing done, and it shook me up, even though it was a really minor procedure You guys inspire me with your fantastic attitude and trust in our Lord. He will bless you! Keep us posted, so I can remember to pray for you all.