February 28, 2011

Tomorrow's Surgery

Tomorrow is Chase's big day at Scottish Rite and we will be arriving bright and early at 6am in preparation for ,his 7:30 surgery. The length of the surgery itself will depend on what procedures they manage to perform, and he will then spend 45 minutes in the recovery room before being brought back to us. Kids with Down syndrome usually take longer to wake up, so we'll probably be there for most the day, but we're expecting a very quick recovery time.

As part of our three pre-op visits (ENT, Eyes, Anesthesia), we had to do a c-spine x-ray to look for AAI, or atlantoaxial instability to make sure there is no trauma to Chase's spine when they hyper-extend his neck to intubate him. There is a risk of this with kids with DS, so they require them to have x-rays every two years to monitor this. We will find out tomorrow how his x-ray turned out, but I'm assuming that no news from the doctors is a sign of good news on the x-rays.

In the meantime, I have five prescriptions to fill for all the antibiotics, drops, and post-op medicines. I'm sure the pharmacists' eyes will pop out when they see the stack of scripts to be filled! But really, this should be an easy surgery with little post-op pain - we just need the medicines to prevent infections and clear up the problems currently hanging out in the ears.

Keep us in your prayers tomorrow morning, and we'll be sure to post updates. All in all we're feeling good and confidant! 

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