March 1, 2011

All Done - All A Success

Chase sailed through the surgery this morning!

The eye doctor opened and widened the tear ducts, and the ENT managed not only to let the fluid out of the ear (cutting the eardrum), but also got the ear tubes to fit and removed part of the adenoids. He removed just enough adenoids to prevent Chase's chronic congestion, but not enough to adversely affect his speech.

Chase was pretty upset when he woke up from the surgery and seems just a little out of sorts. But he's been enjoying eating lunch, reading books and watching tv! There really won't be much recovery needed - the tough part is getting the eye drops and ear drops in for the next several days. We'll follow up in 4-6 weeks, but other than that Chase is all done and doing great!

Thanks for all the prayers and support! We're looking forward to fewer colds and improved hearing!


  1. Awesome, so glad all of this is behind you!

  2. Great job Chase!

    For the ear drops with Sweet Pea we would lay her down on the couch, put Baby Signing Time on TV and then lay behind her to keep her on her side for the 5 minutes that we had to for each ear. Wasn't fun, but worked. Warming the drops was a must though! Body heat worked well for us for warming them.

    Good luck!!!

  3. So glad everything went well!