March 15, 2011

Disney Highlights

Here are some shots of our trip to St. Augustine and Disney World to celebrate Chase's birthday and have fun over Trent's spring break!

At Disney, both boys went on It's a Small World, Peter Pan, Buzz Light Year, and the Tea Cups! The only one Trent did without Chase was the Pirates of the Caribbean, which turned out to be a bit scary!
After Magic Kingdom the first day, we hit Hollywood Studios the second day, where the grownups did some serious coasters and the kids got to see Disney Live and meet some fun characters.

The Animal Kingdom Lodge was fantastic - the kids had bunk-beds (though Chase slept in the pack-in-play) and safari animals roamed outside the hotel!

The last day in Orlando, we stayed at the Hyatt Grand Cypress where we swam and took out kayaks and surrey bikes.

All in all, it was a perfect vacation and thanks to the hubby for planning the whole thing!

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