March 24, 2011

First Steps?

Chase is getting stronger and gaining confidence in his balance - This past week he took four steps all by himself, walking from me to a toy on the coffee table during PT! He is also going from sitting to standing all by himself without pulling up on anything. He hasn't wanted to take more than a step or two since those four steps on Tuesday, but we know it'll happen again and that he's capable of much more than that! When walking around the house, he can go a long distance only holding one hand. It's so much fun!

Speech-wise, Chase is making huge strides too. He is imitating lots of sounds without needing to be prompted and is saying new sounds that he never said before. I think that having improved hearing has helped with this. The speech therapist is really excited.

Yesterday was his 2-year old appointment and was quick and easy, mostly because he has so many specialists that follow him for his different issues. Chase was 20% for height and 50% for weight on the typical child charts, which is fantastic. (Lots of kids with Down syndrome don't land on the typical child chart for height and weight and are instead measured on a different chart made for those with DS) Everything looked great, so he was given his Hep-A vaccine and we were sent on our way.

We have lots of other appointments in the next three weeks - opthamologist, ENT, endocrinologist, and the developmental pediatrician at the Emory Down Syndrome Clinic. Hopefully they'll go just as smoothly!