March 15, 2011

New Hampshire State Rep Resigns

Rep. Martin Harty, a 91-year-old first-term Republican in NH’s House of Representatives, has resigned after public criticism over comments Hitler might have been right about removing the infirm from society and that "defective" Americans should be shipped off to Siberia to die.

Harty told his constituent, “I wish we had a Siberia so we could ship them all off to freeze to death and die and clean up the population.” He specified that he was referring to “the mentally ill, the retarded, people with physical disabilities and drug addictions.” (Click Here for More)

It is sad that some lawmakers not only think these types of things, but publicly make such statements. And despite resigning, Harty is still unapologetic. Hopefully the congressional leaders in Washington who are dealing with nationwide laws governing health care, disability benefits, and educational waiver programs have better heads on their shoulders.

As some of the other moms blogging around here have said, caring for a child with special needs is not nearly as difficult as dealing with disappointing public remarks made towards our kids.The good news is that other Republicans condemned his statements and there was widespread criticism of his remarks.

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