March 1, 2011

Surgery Update - Eyes

Chase was wheeled away into surgery at 7:30 this morning after some versed and a ton of showing off in front of the nurses - lots of fun!

The ophthalmologist just came out to say that his part was done - he opened both tear ducts, widened them with a balloon, cleaned out the tear duct tubes, and ran water through to make sure they were working properly. We'll be giving him antibiotic eyedrops and this recovery should be easy.

The doctor also did some tests while Chase was under - he measured Chase's eye pressure and measured his cornea. Although he turned out to have a large cornea (megalacornea), this is ok. The eye pressure is normal, so we know he does not have glaucoma. We'll just continue our yearly eye doctor checkups.

The ENT is now doing his thing and I will update when I have some news!


  1. Wonderful, wonderful news! My love to all of you, Nana