March 16, 2011

Testosterone and Tear Ducts

Chase has had some really interesting doctors appointments the past couple days, so here's an update.

Chase met with the endocrinologist for the first time yesterday and received his first of two testosterone shots which we are hoping will have the desired side effect of strengthening his muscles and thereby boost his gross motor skills. Although I would love for this to magically cause him to start walking, this hasn't happened yet. But there's always hope :)

It was hilarious when the assistants gave Chase the shots... they had one person administering the shot, one person holding his arms, and myself holding the legs. They were worried that the oversize needle (it was huge because of the consistency of the testosterone) would make him upset, and squirming would make it more painful. But Chase didn't cry - he didn't even flinch! He didn't mind the shot at all. Everyone was so surprised - apparently kids normally freak out with this shot, but Chase did awesome!

Chase met today with the ophthalmologist as his tear ducts were completely blocked over the weekend, causing him to have nonstop tears and mucus discharge from his eyes. It looked so awful and was not what we wanted to see just after his tear duct surgery!

One of two things will happen - Either Chase will be prone to tearing and discharge from his eyes each time he gets a cold until his head (and tear ducts) get bigger. Or, we will find that his tear ducts are just generally blocked nonstop, in which case they will go back to surgery and insert a permanent tube into the tear duct. We will monitor him for a month and a make a determination.

Chase has his 2 year appointment with the pediatrician coming up, as well as an appointment with the Emory Down Syndrome Clinic. We will review his blood tests, do developmental testing, and perform a sleep study in the coming months as well to determine whether his tonsils should come out. We'll also reapply for the Katie Beckett Waiver. We're seeing exciting strides in Chase's speech and are holding our breaths as he is so close to walking. All in all, he's doing great!


  1. What a great report! He's such a cutie. He'll be walking before you know it.

  2. You've got a rock star on your hands! And a real cutie too!

  3. Wow you are busy. Wysdom took the grabbed the needle from the nurse last time he got shots. They said that was a first. That was with 2 people holding him. Best of luck on the walking. We are just starting to try.