April 11, 2011

Albert Pujols - 60 Minutes Spotlight

Did you catch the 60 Minutes spotlight on Albert Pujols last night? If not, here's your chance to watch the video! This man is amazing. One of the top 10 baseball players ever (apparently), has given away millions of his money to humanitarian efforts in his home country, the Dominican Republic, and elsewhere, and he is a huge champion to those with Down syndrome. The story behind his daughter with DS is so touching and is included in this spotlight as well. Really, this man is a true hero!

If the little video screen is too small for comfortable viewing, Click Here for the full 60 Minutes Spotlight!


  1. we watched. It was so touching.

  2. He is such an inspirational and impressive guy. What a wonderful family! I'm proud to say that we live in the same state. LOL! I haven't had a chance to attend any of the events that they host yet though. Hopefully this year...

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