April 2, 2011

Bill Maher, Tim Shriver + Health Care Debate

I missed Tim Shriver's appearance on Bill Maher last night, which should have been an interesting moment because Maher does not have the best track record in using respectful language regarding those with disabilities. Although I did not find a video of the full episode - in which Shriver persuades serial "r-word" offender Bill Maher to publically agree not to use it anymore - I did find some overtime coverage, consisting of a roundtable debate about health care.

I am unabashadly against the ObamaCare version of universal health care, as I see a big difference between simply providing health care and then on the other hand providing GOOD health care. There are too many problems with this bill and it frightens me what the result will turn out to be. Even in the little microcosm of early intervention therapy that Chase lives in, all the best therapists are refusing to work with the government because the infrastructure of the program is not medically good for the kids. (But that's a whole different topic...)

However, Tim Shriver makes some amazingly good points in this video. He points out that at Special Olympics events, the organization has to host health screenings and dental screenings in order to make sure that those athletes get routine medical checkups. And 15% of those who attend those dental screenings at Special Olympics events are taken directly to the hospital because of the severity of the oral problems discovered. That really breaks my heart.

I don't know that he has changed my mind - I still don't like ObamaCare. But wow, it made me so much more aware of the severity of the problems that exist right now. Check it out.

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  1. I thought it was a great program, too, and being a supporter of what you call "ObamaCare," I'm glad to find that what I'm fighting for will help better the lives of those who need help. I'm exhausted/disgusted at the growing disparity between the 'regular' folks (like me) and the 'wealthy-who-keep-getting-wealthier.' It's time for reform!