April 14, 2011

Developmental Doctor Day

Today was Chase's annual trip to the Emory Down Syndrome Clinic for his two-year old session of developmental testing and a checkup with the developmental pediatrician who specializes in kids with Down syndrome.

Going to the clinic is always eye-opening in some form of fashion - this time I was impressed at how quickly Dr. Jeannie picked up on Chase's main problems and pointed us in the right direction immediately.

Although we've tried surgery to fix the fluid filled ears and clogged eyes, nothing we've done has managed to address the continuous congestion that fills Chase's sinuses and causes all the other problems. Dr. Jeannie noticed how the congestion was making him breathe very noisily and suggested that a pulmonologist might be able to fix the congestion by taking a different tactic than the specialists in the past. Breathing treatments at night could fix not just the congestion belabored breathing, but also prevent the buildup of fluid in Chase's sinuses, ears, eyes, etc.

She also noticed that although Chase was very happy, playful, and alert (despite having just finished a 2-hour developmental test), he still looked like he wasn't well rested. This observation is entirely accurate as Chase often looks like he has bags under his eyes and tosses and turns a lot at night. She thinks that breathing treatments can help with this and also recommended to do a sleep study asap to document the severity of Chase's sleep apnea and to encourage the ENT to move ahead with removing the tonsils.

Because of these unresolved medical issues, Dr. Jeannie said that Chase may not yet be reaching his potential and that upon fixing these problems that he would really be in a position to make great strides in development.

Other than those issues, they were impressed at all his signing and very happy with his progress. I left with a list of additional specialist names to call, good advice, and the nice feeling of having wonderful doctors watching over Chase's progress.

This next month, we meet with the ENT, endocrinologist, Eye Dr, dentist, and now the pulmonologist as well. After these next 4-5 weeks we'll have a better picture of the next steps and will be able to relax a bit after the rush of doctor appointments! 

(Swinging with Brother during speech therapy!)

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