April 1, 2011

Georgia Early Intervention

For all the Georgia Babies Can't Wait Families:

Apparently, the BCW program is accepting public comments regarding your personal experience with the program and/or suggestions for future policy changes.  I'm not sure if this will make any difference, but I will be sending in my comments regarding the recent implementation of the statewide 'Primary Service Provider' model and how this model is negatively impacting children with special needs in this state.  Here is an excerpt from the article- the full text can be found at


Dave Palmer, the public health division North Health District 2 spokesman, said Babies Can’t Wait serves those from birth to age 3 who have special needs, as well as the families of those children.
“This is Georgia’s statewide intervention program for children born with developmental disabilities, and it gets them the care they need to overcome those disabilities,” Palmer said.

Babies Can’t Wait was created under the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. That law guarantees all eligible children, regardless of specific disability, access to services that will enhance the children’s development.

According to the state of Georgia, the program evaluates a child to determine eligibility and the scope of services needed. The program also coordinates services to assist the family and other professionals in developing a plan to enhance the child’s development; and provides access to early intervention services identified in the child's plan.

I encourage each of you to submit your own feedback to the state- good or bad. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing this post. Early testing seems it may help identify issues that can require treatment . Thanks again for spreading awareness of this issue.