August 8, 2011

The Wheels on the Bus...

Today was Trent's first day of Kindergarten and he hopped on the big yellow school bus at the end of our drive early this morning absolutely thrilled! Despite arriving last night from out West and still being on Mountain time, he happily jumped out of bed when I woke him up, got dressed all by himself, ate a big breakfast, and did early morning chores like making his bed. All happily!

His new Star Wars backpack was filled to the brim with loads of required school supplies (and I have to say that the list was very specific... like the Ticonderoga Brand No. 2 Pre-Sharpened pencils in color yellow and packs of 20 that required trips to four different stores to find!

Trent's teacher seems great from her letters and emails - we requested her after hearing great reviews from the older neighbor kids and were blessed to actually have Trent put in her class.

Now I just have to figure out all the details like meal plans, carpool decals, etc. But Trent is not worried and is such a big boy, walking around with lunch money in his pocket and unphased that he didn't know where the teacher's classroom was located.

No tears this morning, but definitely praying that things go smoothly, that Trent makes some good friends, and isn't overwhelmed by the big and unfamiliar school! I think he's going to end up having a blast!


  1. I'm glad everything went so well for Trent's first day of school! My third, and youngest, will start kindergarten next week. I'm a new follower from Entrecard.

  2. Go, Trent! He'll certainly be a leader given his experiences helping Chase.