September 25, 2011

Jimmy Gourd and Jerry Gourd

Step One
We worked hard at the ping-pong toss today at the Gwinnett County Fair and came away with two exciting goldfish - obviously brothers, just like Trent and Chase. Although Trent has named them over and over a multitude of different names, our favorites are Jimmy Gourd and Jerry Gourd after the Veggie Tale brothers. So far, the two goldfish have survived the trip home, the transfer into their new tank, and lots of jostling, squeezing, and tapping along the way.

Step Two - "Home"
This is the first "pet" Trent has ever had, and it is adorable to see him talking to the fish and having whole conversations with them. He is beyond thrilled - he has wanted a fish for so long and now he has two! Let's hope these fair-fish last the night and don't disappoint the sweet guy!
Night Night Fish!

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  1. I buried a lot of goldfish as a child. Hope Trent gets to enjoy these a while.