October 28, 2011

Baby Date

I had my 33 week appointment with the OB today and we tried to take a look at the baby for a cute picture, but to no avail. Baby girl just wanted to cuddle up against the placenta to shy away from the ultrasound - oh well.

It turns out we may meet her earlier than expected though.... At 33 weeks along, she is already 5 pounds, and the OB plans to take another ultrasound in a month to make sure she's not getting too terribly big. There's a chance they may induce me 2 weeks early (Dec. 2nd or so) to insure that I'm not delivering a 10 pound baby! The doctor said that if Trent was born 3 weeks early at 6 lbs 4 oz and 20 inches long, he could have been a 10 pounder if I had gone to term. I sure want to avoid that!

In the meantime, she's looking good and healthy; and if I go into labor anytime after Friday, she would be born just fine and the doctors would not attempt to stop the labor. I'm hoping for an early delivery date, as the pain of carrying a heavy baby super low is taking its toll! But either way, I'm just excited to meet this sweet new baby girl!


  1. Awww.....we are waiting on pins and needles! This is exciting news and I know you will be very happy to have her here to hold and love. Hugs and love, nana and boo

  2. Wow- how did I miss that you were expecting? Best wishes on this next phase of parenting.